Terms & Conditions


Costs to take effect from July 6 2020.

 Course Level  Charge for all
 Level 1 E-learning  £30  Per person
 Level 1 Core Slides  £100  Per year/Per school*
 Level 2 webinar  £50  Per person
 Level 3 webinar  £50  Per person
 Level 4 webinar  £50  Per person

* renewable every year
** with the exception of statutory partners to the board, voluntary, faith, charitable organisations and Community Interest Companies

ALL E-Learning courses must be completed within 4 weeks of starting the learning as a non-completion charge maybe incurred.

Face to Face Training:

Charges to be agreed


Full attendance is required for all our training events this is to ensure that you get the maximum benefit of Multi Agency training. Please ensure that you have booked the time off to cover the whole training. With regards to face to face training we will give delegates 15 minutes grace at the beginning of the training on all full day events. This will not apply to the half day and Lite Bite events due to the short duration of these events.  If you are attending training which is being delivered via webinar, please ensure that you sign in at least 15 minutes before the training is due to start.

In the event that you leave before the end of the training, you will be marked as a non-attendance and charged as per our cancellation policy and no certificate will be given; this will mean that you will have to complete the training again.


Level 1 Core Slides -
No refunds available

Please note that the cancellation policy applies to ALL other courses/events

  • Less than 2 weeks will incur a cancellation fee of the full cost of the course
  • Less than 4 weeks will incur a cancellation fee of half the full cost of the course

Regardless of the circumstances you will be charged as above.

No charge will be made if a replacement member of staff is substituted, however this staff member must meet any pre-requisite requirements.

In exceptional circumstances a training event may need to be cancelled by us. In such an event, we shall let you know about the cancellation as soon as we can, and return your payment, if applicable.