Core Slides - Level 1 Awareness: Safeguarding Children and Protecting them from abuse

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Tuesday 31 August 2021 ( - )


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This training is not for School Transport please book onto E-learning Level 1 instead.

Yearly Subscription - Please note once booked it is non refundable. Please check charges before booking.

Please note 31 August is a date for the SSCB Training Team, please use the slides whenever you need to.

This course is directly aimed at those agencies that would prefer to deliver their level 1 training in house, i.e. to a single agency. Core slides can be purchased on an annual basis by the agency, usually the Designated Safeguarding Lead and will provide you with the opportunity to deliver a locally designed product that contains the most up to date information, including thresholds and referral pathways, as well as information about key priority areas for the Board.

To maintain a positive learning environment, this training is appropriate for groups of no larger than 40 people in order to be able to reflect on practice and work through activities in an effective way.  For larger groups, please deliver this training in multiple sessions.

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